Red Deer Farm in Denmark, WI

Your Healthy & Humane Meat Source

Eaton Highland Red Deer Farm in Denmark, WI, is the local choice for high-quality deer meat, antlers, and trophy animals. We have been in business since 1994, breeding red deer for customers who want a local meat source that is economical and environmentally friendly. Our choice to go into deer farming came after a visit to New Zealand, the largest deer farm country in the world. We fell in love with the idea of raising our own food and wanted to bring the concept to our community.

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We allow our livestock to roam quite freely at our deer farm, providing ample room to graze, play, and sleep.  We have won a variety of competitions and awards in Wisconsin and around the country, showing our healthy stags and hinds and proving that deer farms can be both humane and profitable.

If you’re in need of venison or want to purchase a live deer, Eaton Highland Red Deer Farm is the place to go. Located in Brown County, we serve everyone in the region. Call us today to ask about our products or to request a visit. 

Natural Meat

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Our red deer are fed an all-natural diet and graze at their leisure in well-cleaned, large pens. You can rest assured that any deer meat you purchase from us will be all natural and of the highest quality.


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We believe in using every part of the animal once it is slaughtered, not just the deer meat. Deer antlers are perfect for dogs who love to chew and will save your furniture—and shoes—from destruction.


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Looking to breed your own red deer? We have breeder stags and hinds to help you get started.